Make Your Wireless Broadband Secure

Make Your Wireless Broadband Secure

Once you have your wireless broadband connection setup correctly you should make it secure. A broadband wireless network may not be affected by solid items and remove the need for wires, but it is affected by others who are in the know. So unless you make it secure, you will be allowing neighbouring households access to your broadband connection and data. This article will help you to take the steps to increase the security of your home or small business network.

A few simple steps are necessary to help protect your network from unwanted access:

You can use your wireless router as a wired router and disable it’s wireless abilities. Simply connect a cable from your router to the device you wish to use.

Make sure your security features on your router (wireless/modem) are switched on. There are switched off by default at lot of the time.

Setup a personal name for your network (SSID), it allows you to easily find your network if there are a lot of wireless devices nearby.

Use encryption (WPA/WPA2/WEP) to secure your network. Only use WEP if you do not have WPA/WPA2.

Where possible you must also set up encryption on each wireless adapter you are using to connect to devices on your network.

Use parental controls where children are allowed access to the network.

For increased security all connecting devices should have Firewall, Antivirus, AdWare, SpyWare and MalWare detection and removal software installed.

If these simple steps are followed you will be on your way to a secure network and avoid any unauthorised use of your wireless device(s). If your personal data is important to you then make sure you use this advice.

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