Wildcard SSL Certificates: Why Are They Important?

Many business persons are not familiar with SSL certificates. Sure, they have heard of them: however, they truly are not sure what it is the certificate can do for them. First off, the SSL, by (technical) definition provides a layer of protection between browser and server. What does this mean? It simply means that the site where information is coming is identified; and if the source is deemed reliable, information is exchanged in a secure manner.

Further SSL stands for secure socket layer. The true name certainly provides a vision to the on-line business entrepreneur that information is transferred with a high measure of security. That said, SSL are provided in the way of varying levels of security; and the higher the number, naturally, the greater the level of protection.

However, our article is about the wildcard SSL certificate. In order to understand how you may use a wildcard SSL may require you understand the other different SSL certificates offered. Dedicated SSLs are generally associated with sites with unique domain names. The dedicated SSL certificate will prove the most expensive. Secondly there are shared SSLs where webmasters of different sites share the same SSL. The certificate will show the name of the person who purchased the certificate. You can attain an SSL shared certificate from the hosting company associated with hosting your e-commerce site(s).

This brings us to the wildcard SSL certificate. The wildcard certificate is used on a site with many sub-domains. Using this type of certificate assures data is identified and exchanged securely between the browser and the server without any worries of the wrong person attaining such data. This can be very useful in that cyber crimes can easily shut down your business in a hurry. It conclusively goes without saying, regardless of your business; you need an SSL certificate in order to operate successfully and securely over the net.

The security feature, without going into a great deal of technical jargon, operates in such a way where data is securely encrypted. This feature allows for exchange of data without the worry of prying eyes. The usefulness of an SSL certificate cannot be under-rated. With the advancement of other security-protection measures, such as (more reliable) firewalls, an SSL certificate is just as essential in conducting virtual business. In other words, you need to keep your on-line business just as secure as you would any brick and mortar business in order to continue operation. Look to your hosting company for these wildcard certificates.

Jamie is a avid ecommerce consultant who trys to promote the correct ways to manage business website management. Jamie recommends online security and in particular, wildcard ssl certificate products, such as RapidSSL, VeriSign SSL, as well as EV SSL for web servers.